About Us

“We are an excellent team, not excellent individuals"

This is the guiding principles and mindset of our core team. Members of the OpenLive team, in each position, have in-depth knowledge and experience. Our board of directors and advisors have been successful with numerous Vietnamese and international blockchain projects. We are united by the desire for great success as we build and develop the company together.

OpenLive Team

Maria Phan


Jon Tran

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Kate Phan

Vice CEO - Sales Director

Victor Pham

Chief Information Technology Officer (CITO)

Ruby Phan

Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)

Hoang Nam Thao

Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Pham Thang

Legal Manager

Jimmy Tu

Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)

Tony Phan

OpenLive VC Director

Nguyen Hoang Duy

Chief Creative Officer (CCO)

Henry Phan

Chief Production Officer (CPO)

Ho Tran

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Antonio Phan

Media Director

Ken Tran

Public Relations Officer (PRO)

Trinh Le

Event Director

Nguyen Dinh Tri

Union Director

Matt Foley

Chief Finance Officer (CFO)

Vu Hoang Duong

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

OpenLive Advisor

Dao Tien Phong

Legal Advisor

Anh Nguyen


Robert Nguyen

Strategy Advisor